Peace Handicrafts is a social-support business established in 2002 to provide training and employment opportunities to landmine victims, disabled persons and the deaf.

In 2004, Peace Handicrafts administration was taken over by Y.E.K. Design, another social business, run by founder and owner Mrs. Yek Hong Tang. With her vast knowledge and experience, Peace Handicrafts experienced rapid growth from just a handful of staff to over one hundred artisans before the financial crisis.

A graduate of RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, Mrs. Tang has had long career in fashion. She has long career in the garment industry and taught in the School of Fashion and Design in Dunedin, New Zealand, and in industrial production at RMIT University in Australia.

Peace Handicrafts adheres to the philosophies of social responsibility and a clean green environment. Since 2002 it has been producing high quality products made from local hand-woven silks and recycled materials, and has become a leading exporter of these products to overseas markets.

Peace Handicrafts is proud to have been the winner of the UNESCO - AHPADA Seal of Excellence for handicraft products in 2004.


Training priority is given to the disabled, the deaf and the underprivileged to gain the necessary skills to meet our high quality requirement for export markets. An intensive training program has been developed to enable trainees to acquire the necessary skills to earn employment.